Terms and conditions

Terms and condition

1. Our production is  based in Thailand where there are significant shipment and customs charges for returning the goods back to Bangkok, therefore, we DO NOT RETURN or EXCHANGE goods.

Please take all the time you may need to research to make sure that you are knowingly choosing and conducting the right transaction. 

2. As each piece of our Jewelry is unique and all handmade, please expect some differences in finished product specifications and weights comparing to the photos. This could be owing to lighting in photography, shades of colorstones, deviations in castings and etc.

Gold weight mentioned in description is the final product weight and unless its mentioned 18k in description, the gold used is in 10k. In case of Black gold, the metal is either 10k or 18k gold, plated in Black Rhodium. 

3. All shipments need to go through the customs of the country of recipient. We handle and pay all necessary taxes and costs at our end; in Thailand, however all costs and matters related to customs and taxes of recipient's country are to be paid and handled by recipient. For instance, if there are TAX or another costs related to importing of the items purchased into your country they should be paid by buyer/ recipient of the goods. 

4.Please take this to strong consideration that in the gemstone industry, gem stones like sapphires, rubies , and emeralds, are as common practice, treated to enhanced the clarity, luster, and colour. De Shervin aims to be upfront and clear with customers and be away from confusions and mischievous business therefore, unless otherwise stated customer should consider color-stones used as treated. Please contact us if you need more information about the type of the treatments used. De Shervin will not individually go through the treatment in description merely because its technical and they are common practice in industry.

De Shervin is committed to the fair world and always on watch to be away from diamonds acquired from conflict zones and  stones originated from mischievous and dubious sources.  

leathers are sold on this website are all natural so as a result you may expect some imperfection in colour, weavings or coherency.

5. We reserve the right not to proceed with the orders originated from countries that credit card fraud there is a concern and in such circumstances we will contact you to arrange alternative method of payment. 

Free shipment does not apply to remote areas that shipment cost is significantly higher than normal, in that situation also we will contact you to adjust the price difference in payment.

6. As every single piece of our product is individually hand crafted, our orders processing time is ten working days for production and 2-7days for shipment, unless we have a finished piece available in our collection. Moreover, if you have special requirements regarding to the finishing of your piece, you can contact us at time of placing order and where that is possible we try to finish the product as close as possible to your desires. 

7. Please make sure you are providing us with correct contact details such as: address, email, and phone number. This will help us to provide you with better update and make sure your parcels reach to you and reach on-time. de Shervin will not take responsibility of lost goods during shipment in case that provided contact details are wrong.

8. deSHERVIN reserves the right to modify and changes the content of the website also the prices without prior notice.

At the end we are doing our best to provide you with the best value for your money. We maintain our goal as our products are affordable but yet artistic and valuable. 

So enjoy it!


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